Entution User License

User License Categorization
for Business Benefits

1. Entution – Enterprise User License

Adopting the best industry practices, Entution offers Enterprise User License to empower the CXOs and the business owners to drive the business strategically, by having access to key drivers of the business.
Enterprise User License holders are the users that needs to access the feature-rich business application functionalities across all functional modules of Entution in an organization. They can perform all types of standard transactions plus key business-strategic functions such as Budget Planning, Creation of commission rules, Supply Planning, Delivery Planning, and creation of Project and Service.
These users can also perform System Administration functionality within the Entution application for the purpose of managing the performance of the application with user controls and configurations.
Enterprise users in an organization’s are the least in numbers, proportionately, hence can keep the number of Enterprise Licenses low, in order to minimize the cost.

2. Entution – Standard User License

This license category is designed for the middle management and key operation users who are conducting most of the company’s day to day transactions. These users will not perform strategic functions such a budget set ups or commission configuration, not the system administration functionalities.
Standard users have access to various functionalities, reports and dashboard items to perform their business transaction. Usually, Standard users are the highest in numbers in an organization proportion to Enterprise and Basic users.

3. Entution – Basic User License

With the Intention of having all levels of users on board the system, Entution offers a basic license category for junior level staff who conduct limited transactions and requires access only for few decision making functionalities. This license category is offered at a lower cost bringing pricing advantage for the customers.

This license entitles the user to light weight access through designated scenarios, and may consume data or reports from the line of business systems, complete light tasks like creating transactions and documents for approval by standard/enterprise users within the Entution application. These users can usually conduct up to 3 types of transactions and have access up to 8 MIS reports or Dashboard items.

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