Digital Label Management Solution

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The Entution Digital Label Management Solution introduces a revolutionary approach to streamline warehouse operations by leveraging QR code-based unique identifiers.

Developed as an integral part of Bileeta’s Electronic Logistics Management System (eLIMS) & ERP, this innovative solution represents the forefront of technology, optimizing label printing and track & trace processes for government authorities and large organizations overseeing nationwide supply chains.

Entution’s Label Printing Solution seamlessly integrates with the Entution platform, ensuring a harmonized workflow that maximizes the benefits of both logistics management and label printing functionalities within a unified system.

At the core of its operational framework lies the creation of individualized QR code identifiers, facilitating meticulous monitoring and tracing of goods across the entire supply chain. The Entution Digital Label Management Solution offers a comprehensive, cloud-based platform for generating QR code-based unique identifiers.

Our GS1 and WHO FCTC compliant solution enhances efficiency, accuracy, and traceability in supply chains, benefiting governments and manufacturers alike.

Key features of the Entution Digital Label Management Solution include

Cloud-Based Deployment

Designed for cloud operation, offering scalability and eliminating the need for on-premises infrastructure.

Integration with Third-Party Applications

Built-in interoperability layer facilitates seamless integration with third-party applications, enhancing logistics management capabilities alongside efficient label printing and Track & Trace functionality.

QR Code-Based Identification

Utilizes QR codes as unique identifiers for accurate tracking and tracing of items, streamlining management processes.

Customization and Scalability

Tailorable to meet specific business requirements, scalable to accommodate growth.

User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive interface simplifies navigation and operation, ensuring efficient utilization with minimal training.

Compliance and Security

Adheres to industry standards and regulations, ensuring data security and compliance with relevant guidelines.

The Entution ERP and Electronic Management Solution (eLMIS) along with Digital Label Management, is currently deployed in 3 countries and employed by more than 100 private sector manufacturing companies.

This comprehensive system seamlessly manages every facet of production, import, export, and distribution.

Its versatility extends across a diverse spectrum of products, ranging from essential health commodities and industrial liquids to widely consumed goods like soft drinks and mineral water.