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Take Control of Your Projects and streamline all costs

Increase profitability through smooth planning and execution of projects and contracts


Project and Contract Efficiency

Smoothly manage ongoing engagements. Estimates are compared against actual values in order to identify discrepancies and inefficiencies.

Flexibility to Adapt

Extensive flexibility to create jobs and generate required documents when executing projects and contracts

Eliminate operational Inefficiencies

Identify the inefficiencies that occur at each stage, enabling your organization to be proactive in the managing of resource utilization

Looking for a Projects and Services Solution for an Enterprise?

Learn more about how Entution can scale down to provide simple yet powerful features to automate your business processes.


Create & Manage Projects

Commence projects immediately and keep track of its progress regularly, giving the management extensive perspective of the project.

Keep Track of Jobs

Track direct and indirect costs, and resources allocated to each job. This increases the visibility and accuracy of job costing

Preventive Maintenance Contracts

Set automated billing periods for each contract and ensures a continuous cash inflow from long-term contracts

Utilize Resources Efficiently

Comprehensive and dynamic Resource Management with functionalities that spans across the enterprise resources utilized by your organization

Get a Full View of your Enterprise

At your fingertips

Entution Projects and Services empowers organizations to manage projects and streamline all costs and resources in order to track, manage and charge the customer based on accurate costing with relevant margins.

Projects and Services is also integrated with finance functionalities to allocate and monitor the utilization of necessary funds for the project.