Monetize your market opportunities promptly with Entution CRM!

With Entution CRM be powered with a comprehensive 360⁰ overview of customers so your sales team can push through for quicker conversions.

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Best business insights are viewed, not read!

Monitor sales performance using KPIs of your choice with a range of automatic and personalized reports and dashboard option.
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Run your marketing campaigns

Entution’s over-the-top features let you set internal controls to closely monitor the expected and actual performance of your running campaigns.
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Team up

Work alongside with different members- from sales specialists to technical specialists to close more deals faster than ever.
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Looking for a Small Business Solution?

Learn more about how Entution can scale down to provide simple yet powerful features to automate your business processes.

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Manage your Customer Relationships

Take full control over your Marketing Effort without hassle. Nurture your leads to improve conversion rates.

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