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Unparalleled Control and flexibility over your inventory!

Keep your business running smoothly with Entution.

Inventory and Warehouse Management built for Enterprises

Entution inventory and warehouse management software designed to support growth in enterprises to manage their inventory across multiple channels and devices with its fully-fledged features and benefits

Inventory and warehouse management erp dashboard - Entution

Benefits Of Entution Inventory Management

Batch and Serial number inventories

Maintain and track your inventories via serial or batch numbers at the time of storage and stock transfers.

Multiple Warehouses

Set up multiple warehouses such as regional or quarantine as per your operational requirements.

Stock allocations

Allocate stocks for your customer orders to avoid duplicate order-taking for the same items.



Record stock movements through AODs and GRNs.

Internal requests and dispatch

Internally request and issue goods to your employees.

Easy re-ordering

Get reminders to re-order before stock outages.

Product conversion

Flexibility to adjust stocks based on quality grading of a product and to offer as part of promotional activities such as bundle offers.

Multiple Units of Measures

Maintain your inventory items through preferred UOMs.

Management Information

A complete range of detailed, real-time reports to empower management for better decision-making.

Create a Flexible Supply Chain

 Efficient Inventory and Warehousing

Bileeta’s Entution supply chain management erp enables organizations to manage their inventory efficiently and provide a 360 view of all items in stock.

It ensures maximum productivity across your entire supply chain and helping you achieve a higher cost benefit.