Streamlined Inventory Management

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Save inventory costs and improve visibility.


Optimum inventories

Save inventory costs and holding costs by maintaining re-order levels/ minimum order quantities and economical order quantities.
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Streamline stock handling

Control and track inventory movements at each stage to improve stock accuracy.
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Real-time stock visibility

Check your product availability in real-time from anywhere, anytime and accept customer orders with confidence.
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Stock Takes

Adjust stock count in system to match the physical counts in warehouses, as seen in a monthly count sheet.
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Stock Adjustments

Bridge the gap between the physical stocks and system stocks without having to go through the process of sales order or transfer.
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Product Details

Get detailed information on your products, quantities, movement, orders, returns and more.
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BIN card Summary and BIN Card Details

Capture details of your product movement at a glance. View detailed product information and monitor your product movement in real time from anywhere.
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Inventory Storage Status

Keep track of your reserved products.
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Single Unit of Measurement

Define unit of measurement for easily tracking quantities.
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Learn more about how Entution can scale up to provide complex and powerful features to automate your inventory management and warehousing processes.

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