Entution Finance


Increased productivity

Do more in less time! Stay in control of your business activities day-in day-out enabling you to drive growth, manage costs and improve productivity of your workforce. Help your employees to work more efficiently

Control your budget

Align performance and tactics with strategy and vision. Compute activities that are needed to accomplish short and long-term plans and measure achievements against KPIs. Use state-of-the-art functionality to define strategies, model cost drivers, improve forecasting, report and analyze data in real time.

Master your cash flow

Stay on top of your receivables from any and all stakeholders, the gross values of receivables and when their payments are due.


Reports for powerful business insights

Gain a complete picture of your business on-demand and in real-time- get immediate insight into current status, support in-the moment decision making and eliminate information recesses that can diminish competitive edge. Assess the actual performance levels of your business against goals.

Handle your taxes with flexibility

Tax structures can be defined within the system which can be applied whenever required. The tax structures can be applied for customer groups in order to associate the required structure with customers in that region. This enables organizations to transact across multiple locations via single platform.

Smooth financial closure

With Entution, obtain a smooth closure to your financial data to gain a single source of financial truth, regardless of its disparity, through simplified and accurate account reconciliation. Accelerate financial close with central monitoring and efficient and consistent cycles.

August 8, 2017
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