Entution Inventory and Warehousing


Batch and Serial Number inventories

Use these naming conventions to dispatch goods either in a first-in-first-out basis or based on serial numbers. Also be enabled to check faulties and even recall goods dispatched in the worst of cases! Check the master data pertaining to the product histories using serial numbers.

Multiple Warehouses

Support stock transfers internally among warehouses while maintaining individual stock re-order levels for each different warehouse. Entution’s multiple warehouse management facility furthermore enables you to classify and separately maintain products using categorization for different locations.

Stock Allocations

Reinforce your customer relationships with the ability to manage stock allocations as per request by all customers, yet prioritize based on histories in the case of an overlapping requirement.


AODs and GRNs (Advise of Dispatch / Goods Receive Note)

Issue goods from warehouses and receive goods from suppliers using AODs and GRNs with plenty control over your inventory, so much so that warehouse handlers have the capability to either receive or dispatch shipments in partial as well as full counts of purchase orders and sales orders.
Hide costs from the warehouse handlers. They can only edit quantities. Partial deliveries are also available. Breakdown shipments and collect the full count of the Purchase Order or Sales Order.

Internal requests and dispatch

Simply manage your internal consumables such as stationary for your staff. Entution also lets you allocate merchandise to handlers of promotional campaigns. Not only does act as an initiative to track the success rates of the promotional campaigns, but also does it lets companies save big money.

Easy re-ordering

The pre-defined optimum inventory levels will constantly ensure that the stock levels never fall below a level that will stop those production lines moving. The fully integrated solution makes re-ordering as easy as a swipe of a screen and a click of a button!

Product conversion

Sustain your business at an unbelievable level with Entution’s ability to utilize your defect items in a lower quality range to minimize wastage of resources on the production workflow. It is important to make the maximum of all the resources that are available to you not only as an initiative to save costs, but also as it’s a moral obligation to the society as well as to its future generations!

Multiple Units of Measurement

As the scope of production evolves and the product portfolios broaden, multiple units of measurements become an absolute necessity to make your business run smoothly. Entution enables you to define individual Units of Measurements at a product level, yet maintain a dedicated UOM for measuring overall quantities and reporting purposes!

Management Information

The reporting function of Entution will amaze you with the level of detail and traceability that it adds to your business. Be enabled to access all master data in the real time, to track the history of movement of the inventory within your system and even to visualize patterns in the behaviors of your clientele in order to facilitate powerful decisions in the making.

July 8, 2017

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