Entution Accounting and Finance Starter


Real Time Accounting

Be strategic like never before with in-the-moment access to accounting data for a comprehensive understanding of the company’s money flows. Provides your management with the control they need to optimize cash control bank accounts and manage liquidity.

Be Compliant

Make sure your business is in compliance with the global accounting standards! Entution allows you to remain compliant to statutory obligations of financial reporting as well as tax management. Regulatory filings and disclosures are now possible in much less time and lower costs. Entution’s over-the-top tax managements feature lets you process transactions in global currency and real-time exchange rates in accordance with region-specific laws!

Streamline Banking

View and manage your bank balances in real time; add bank charges and bank interest, record omissions of cash, execute fund transfers and bank account reconciliation simply with Entution. Have a precise understanding of the business’s liquidity status in order to seize opportunities as they appear!


Receipt Voucher

Set off your outstanding balances as well as previous advances against the receipt of new payments. Entution’s over-the-top facilities allow you to accept cross-currency payments through multiple payment methods such as cash payments, cheques, direct and bank transfers as well.

Payment Voucher

Reduce unnecessary redundancy of your workload with bulk cheque printing and continuous printing for payments across a range of currencies as well as through a variety of payment methods.

Manage petty cash

Easily manage spending and replenishment of petty cash. Set workflow rules to control the petty cash management while providing flexibility for the organization to manage its daily operations.

Bank Transactions

Preview the availability of banking facilities to your organization such as overdrafts, letter of credit, loan limits and LC loans for your financial planning needs. Handle your cheques and cash deposits cashier-wise for a more concise view. Entution also provides for a smooth handling of return cheque procedures.

Journal Entries

With Entution, not only can you set the ledger to automatically update as and when transactions go through the system, but also have the pleasure of setting recurring journal entries over a preferred period of time to economically manage your work with minimal errors and wastage.

Financial Statements

View and generate real-time reports to the finest details based on transaction accounting with customized templates of your preference such as audit and management formats.

July 7, 2017
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