Entution Inventory Starter


Optimum Inventories

Minimize inventory holding costs and waiting times due to interference of production workflow with the stock replenishment feature of Entution. Set minimum order quantities to be notified of diminishing stock levels to prevent stock outages.

Streamline Stock Handling

Stay on top of all inventory movements at any given time with allocated lot and serial numbers for inventories. Facilitates transfer among multiple warehouses by verifying the available balance and the incoming transfer orders and updating accurately the available inventory levels.

Real-time Stock visibility

Stay connected; access and view the availability of inventory in the moment from any geographical location prior to taking on sales and transfer orders confidently. Entution’s comprehensive reporting feature provides an at-a-glance overview of the entire inventory status for those decision-makers who need it.


Stock Takes

Entution generates the system stock balance and the physical balance in entered manually. If there are any discrepancies in the quantity, Entution notifies the variance and instructs the necessary course of action to be followed.

Stock Adjustments

Entution facilitates the adding or deducting of a particular product in order to avoid stock imbalances. You can manually adjust the quantity and thus have control over your inventory.

Product Details

View product codes, master information, generic names, export descriptions, and re-order levels, manufacturer information, HS Codes for calculating duties and even unit prices and costs associated with the products.

BIN Card Summary and BIN Card Details

Evaluate stocks, and availability in a warehouse as well as be informed of the mode of availability of stocks (ex: through transfer orders, AODs and GRNs) in any given location at any given time through BIN card summary and BIN card detail reports.

Inventory Storage Status

Be updated to the minute about the availability of stock levels at your warehouses to avoid unnecessary complications associated with stock outages at any given time.

Single Unit of Measurement

Define a single unit of measurement for all your products to simplify invoicing and reporting such as in product detailed reports. This saves businesses the trouble of all the miscalculations and misunderstandings and enables them to stay on top of their inventory levels at all times!

July 7, 2017
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